Venice: Australian Biennale Pavilion 2016 (Italy)

Australian Biennale Pavilion

(2016 architecture exhibition opening)

La Biennale di Venezia – Giardini – Sestiere Castello, 30122 Venezia, Italy

DCM (Denton Corker Marshall)

2016 Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion 23_Stephen Varady Photo ©

Yesterday the 2016 Architecture Biennale was officially opened with a record number of 450 Australians in attendance. The exhibition titled ‘Pool’ was curated by creative directors Isabelle Toland, Amelia Holiday and Michelle Tabet, and is a beautifully immersive exhibition of light, sound, smell and water where visitors move around the interior space, complete with specially installed swimming pool!

Without a single drawing, photograph or model, this exhibition immediately evokes a great deal about Australia and its relationship to swimming and pools. The exhibition catalogue is rich with information, and includes both the negative and positive circumstances related to pools and swimming and its broader connections to the social fabric of Australian society.

2016 Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion 08_Stephen Varady Photo ©

The exhibition however, is sensitive, intelligent and totally experiential. It takes full advantage of the volume of the new gallery space and cleverly utilises the potential contained within the new and extremely powerful Denton Corker Marshall designed Australian Pavilion. The exhibition will run from 27 May to 27 November 2016.

2016 Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion 22_Stephen Varady Photo ©

2016 Venice Biennale Australian Pavilion 25_Stephen Varady Photo ©

Further Information:

Place: Australian Venice Biennale Pavilion (2016 exhibition)

Architect: DCM (Denton Corker Marshall)

Photographer: Stephen Varady

Review: Dezeen (26 May 2016)

Map: Venice Biennale Pavilions Map








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