is about Architecture & Travel

I began taking photos in the 1970s…

I first travelled overseas in 1977…

and began studying architecture in 1978…

so now I combine my skills and knowledge about architecture, travel and photography on this website.



This site is for everyone, but especially non-architects and designers, who like to travel and are interested in seeing and experiencing great works of architecture when they travel. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure and you want to know about what you can see along the way, this site will try to gather them together for you in the one place. Generally, the projects shown are publicly accessible in some way.

This site is also for those only dreaming about travelling, with the images and information visually and intellectually transporting anyone who wants to gain some insight into the ‘experience’ of these great works of architecture.

This is a personally curated site, exposing architecture that I am interested in and have visited and photographed. Over time I will add more projects and create more Extras for each city.

In time, this will become a rich archive of some of the best architecture in the world.

I hope you enjoy what you see here.

Stephen Varady


If you have any architecture you think we should know about, please send us a note on:



How to Use This Site

The most obvious way to use this site is to just scroll and browse through the Places shown on the main page of the site.

However, on the Menu page there is a Search tool – if you enter the name of the city or country you would like to visit, or a particular type of place or a particular designer, then only those Places will become visible.

You will then find that all Places also have direct links to the websites of the place and the architect, which will give you more information about each one. Sometimes there is additional information, and there is also a direct Google Map link for each Place.

Follow & Updates

If you would like to Follow this site and receive regular updates then just return to the MENU page and type your details into the FOLLOW section.

The Future


In the future this site will be offering architecture and interior tours. The type and number of tours will be tailored depending on the interest shown to this site.


As a long time lecturer and public speaker, Stephen Varady will be presenting a series of lectures related to a range of projects featured on this site. If you are interested in engaging Stephen as a speaker then contact:




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