London: New Tate Modern (UK)

New Tate Modern

Bankside, London SE1 9TG, UK

Herzog + de Meuron (2009-2016)

New Tate Modern by Herzog + de Meuron 11

The new extension to the Tate Modern in London opens today. Designed by Herzog + de Meuron (who designed the original transformation of the Turbine Hall), it is a twisted 10 storey pyramid composition clad in brickwork echoing the material of the existing building.

New Tate Modern by Herzog + de Meuron 10

This new brickwork however is more complex and intricate, and supported by a concrete structure where even the slab edges have been tessellated to echo the brick pattern. There also appear to be a variety of special bricks (including square and t-shaped) creating a gridded veil over areas of glazing that will allow light to filter in and out of the new building.

New Tate Modern by Herzog + de Meuron 21

Here is a collection of images taken a few weeks before the opening, and I look forward to returning and experiencing the total building including the spatial arrangements of the new interiors. Based on what I saw from the outside and on my previous experiences of the original Herzog + de Meuron design, I don’t expect to be disappointed.

On the ground floor of the Turbine Hall is a display of models locating the new extension in context and then in more detail, showing how the light will filter through the gaps in the brickwork.


Further Information:

Place: New Tate Modern

Architect: Herzog + de Meuron

Photographer: Stephen Varady

Review: The Guardian (17 June 2016)

Map: New Tate Modern Map








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